Monday, April 6, 2009

Eight Council Members (All Men) Voted Against NYC's Clinic Access Bill | The Daily Gotham

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From the President of NARAL-ProChoice New York:

Yesterday the New York City Council voted by an overwhelming majority to pass the Clinic Access Bill (Prop. Int. 826), which provides much needed protections for women’s access to reproductive health clinics across the city.

Even New York City is not immune to anti-choice protests. There are women who visit reproductive health care clinics in our own community who are regularly confronted by protestors who band together to harass, intimidate, and block access to basic reproductive health care services. New Yorkers won’t stand for such barriers to access—and now, we don’t have to.

Yesterday’s vote was the culmination of work that began a few years ago when NARAL Pro-Choice New York recognized the need to strengthen the law protecting access to clinics across the city. We have worked hand in hand with the City Council ever since and were proud to stand with Speaker Christine Quinn and our other allies in the City Council yesterday as they passed this important law.

The Clinic Access Bill passed 40-8, with Councilmembers Tony Avella, Simcha Felder, Vincent Ignizio, Kenneth Mitchell, Eric Ulrich, James Vacca, Peter Vallone, and James Oddo voting against it. We urge you to take this opportunity to either thank your Councilmember for supporting this bill or to express your disappointment that he or she voted against it. Find your Councilmember’s contact info here.

Thank you for standing with us throughout this process, and here’s to more pro-choice victories to come!

For Choice,
Kelli Conlin