Sunday, June 13, 2010

Queens Borough President Marshall Swears in 59 New Community Board Members at Hall of Science...

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall swore in 56 new community board members, Wednesday, June 9th at the Hall of Science in a ceremony that also honored longtime board members.

Some 266 members were also be reappointed to the borough’s 14 boards.

“I welcome our new board members and thank our veteran members for their longstanding service to their communities,” Marshall said. “We owe all our boards a great deal of gratitude for the time and energy they devote to their neighborhoods’ well-being and future.”

Marshall, herself a former member of Community Board 3 for more than a decade, helped to lead the fight to restore the City’s funding for community boards in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1st.

Under the current City Charter, each of the boards can have up to 50 members who serve staggered terms of two years – beginning April 1st. Members serve without compensation.

Marshall said that anyone who is interested in joining their community board must be a New York City resident who lives in or has a business, professional or other significant interest within the confines of their respective board.

The Borough President appoints all community board members with at least one-half of them selected from nominees of the district’s City Council members.

The new Community Board members are:

CB #1: Evie Hantzopoulos, Vincent G. Marsanico, Marie Torniali

CB #2: Sandra Bigitschke, David DeCicco, Donald J. Dodelson,Brian Flynn, Kenneth Greenberg, Luis Jimenez, Norberto Saldaña,Guadalupe Marzana, Lauren J. Springer, Karolina Tosi

CB #3: Nathaniel Allen, Kilder Fuentes, Raúl Garcia,Edward Kiernan, Brunilda Leon, William Meehan, Dorothy A. Phelan, Daria E. Bermudez, Jose Rodriguez, Lynda C. McDougald

CB #4: George Onuorah, Veronica R. Piedra, Ruth E. Huerta

CB #5: Rosemarie Johnson, Jopshio Lorenzo

CB #6: Aron B. Borukhov, Bernice H. Katz

CB #7: Anthony Carollo, Timothy Chuang, Pauline Chu, Joseph E. Femenia, Valerie Kennedy, Barbara M. McHugh, Peter Sutich, Paul A. Vallone

CB #8: Stephen Geitheim, Michael Hannibal, Samuel Rodriguez

CB #9: Alexander J. Blenkinsopp, Albert Cohen, Melquiades Gagarin, Melissa Rosales

CB #10: John Cavanaugh, Irene B. Dimoh, Phillip Lynch, Diane Marinconz, Douglas McPherson

CB# 11: Steven Anthony Behar, Thomas Meara, Kimon C. Thermos

CB# 12: Samuel E. Elliott, Ashor Satkalmi, George Woolsey

CB #14: John Danko, Daniel Russillo, Jr., Milan Taylor

Longtime honorees included:

45 Years of Service:

  • Community Board 13: Susan Noreika

    • 40 Years of Service:

    • Community Board 4: Miriam Levenson

    • Community Board 10: John Marus

35 Years of Service:

  • Community Board 7: Arthur Barragan

30 Years of Service:

  • Community Board 11: Joan Garippa

  • Community Board 13: Seymour Finkelstein

  • Community Board 13: Lloyd Hicks

25 Years of Service:

  • Community Board 1: Dennis Syntilas

  • Community Board 2: Joseph Conley

  • Community Board 4: Clara Salas

  • Community Board 6: Steven Gary Goldberg

  • Community Board 7: Joseph Sweeney

  • Community Board 9: Joan DeCamp

  • Community Board 9: Maria Thomson

20 Years of Service:

  • Community Board 1: Mary O’Hara

  • Community Board 1: Thomas Ryan

  • Community Board 3: Vasantrai Gandhi

  • Community Board 3: Rafael Moreno

  • Community Board 3: Jimmy Smith

  • Community Board 4: Lucy Schilero

  • Community Board 4: Louis Walker

  • Community Board 5: Robert Cermeli

  • Community Board 6: Michael Mulvaney

  • Community Board 7: Robert LoPinto

  • Community Board 7: Carlos Talisaysay

  • Community Board 7: Joel Thaler

  • Community Board 8 Carolyn Brown

  • Community Board 8: Maria Delnocentiis

  • Community Board 8: Norma Stegmaier

  • Community Board 10: Joel Miele, Jr

  • Community Board 10: Rosemarie Ferrara

  • Community Board 10: Joy Mariann Patron

  • Community Board 11: Mamie Smith

  • Community Board 12: Marguerite Barrett

  • Community Board 12: Jacqueline Boyce

  • Community Board 12: Cheryl Wilson Greaves

  • Community Board 12: Carol Hunt

  • Community Board 12: Benjamin Wright, Jr.

  • Community Board 13: Jonathan Raines

  • Community Board 12: Helene Zaro

  • Community Board 14: Steve Cromity

  • Community Board 14: Dolores Orr

  • Community Board 14:Elancio Williams

Twelve board members will receive recognition for 15 years of service and 29 for ten years of service.