Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleep Where (Former Woodhaven, NY Resident) Mae West Slept... For $30 Million by Jen Carlson - Gothamist

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Did you know Mae West was born in Brooklyn? Back in 1893 the star was born right in Bushwick, to a prizefighting pop and a model mom. In her younger years she lived in Woodhaven, Queens, Williamsburg and Greenpoint. However, once she made a name for herself via the Vaudeville stage and the Hollywood screen, she was on to greener pastures. Namely, 266 West End Avenue in Manhattan, where she eventually moved.

According to Curbed her mansion is now on the market for $30 million; for all that cash you'll get a ballroom, a library, conservatories, a sauna, a steam room, an elevator, and whatever else is housed in the 14,000 square feet. That's quite a markup since it was last purchased in 2004, for a measly $1.2MM. Check out the listing here.