Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Team Addabbo's Having None Of That Como Smacktalk by Celeste Katz - The Daily Politics - NY Daily News

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I unfortunately couldn't reach a rep for state Sen. Joseph Addabbo late last night about Anthony Como's last-minute decision to challenge him, but man, oh, man, did Team Addabbo have something to say today.

Last night when I spoke to Como, he called Addabbo a "good guy" who has his respect -- but said he just hasn't done enough for the 15th District in Queens and "people have had enough."

"It's not surprising that after losing for City Council and losing for Assembly, Anthony Como would step up to lose for state Senate," scoffed Addabbo spokesman Doug Forand.

"His history is that of the worst kind of insider politics that the voters are tired of. His recent efforts to try to secure a patronage job at the Board of Elections, which apparently have failed, [are] still no justification for running for an office he obviously is not interested in taking."

At the same time, Forand didn't suggest Addabbo would simply roll over his newly declared Republican challenger:

"You take every challenge seriously and the voters deserve a fair choice, but Sen. Addabbo's record of delivering for Queens families and passing meaningful reforms in Albany are going to stand head and shoulders above Anthony Como's history of backroom politics."