Monday, January 3, 2011

Rep Anthony Weiner on GOP Plans To Repeal Health Care Reform...

With GOP Congressional leaders planning to bring a bill to repeal health care reform to the floor this week, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Queens and Brooklyn) released the following statement:

“Republicans want another debate about health care reform? Well, so should Democrats. They beat is in round one with lies and scare tactics – we welcome a second shot.”

“By planning to introduce a bill to repeal health care reform the first week of the 112th Congress, Republicans have made it very clear what direction they intend to take the country – backwards.”

“Republicans are against a lot of things, but they are for kicking young Americans off their parents’ insurance plans, for reinstating copayments for preventive measures like cancer screenings, and for denying children coverage based on preexisting conditions.”

“This is a dangerously misguided interpretation of what Americans voted for in November.”