Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"We Won't Go Back" - A Powerful New Ad from MoveOn.org

Today, MoveOn.org released a powerful new ad. "We Won't Go Back," with Lisa Edelstein, star of the hit TV show "House," is a hard-hitting portrayal of where the Republican war on women's health will lead if it's not stopped.
From a bill attempting to redefine rape to gutting access to reproductive health care, Republicans have made anti-woman and anti-choice legislation a top priority this year.
The new ad calls out the Republican efforts for what they are: an attempt to send women back to the back alley. But far too few people even know about their efforts. So to stop them, we've got to get this ad out far and wide, and make sure voters see just what Republicans are trying to do.
Women's rights leaders have warned that the Republican effort would be a radical, far-reaching rollback of women's rights. Rep. Carolyn Maloney called it "the deepest attack on a woman's right to choose in my lifetime." Expert Jessica Arons said it would "accomplish the unstated end of making abortion as difficult to obtain as possible without actually criminalizing it."
One bill would effectively prevent women from purchasing insurance that includes abortion coverage in the new insurance exchanges even if they're using their own money. Experts warn this type of restriction could lead to insurance companies dropping abortion coverage entirely. The same bill would also levy a tax on small businesses and individuals who purchase insurance coverage that includes abortion.
Another bill would, incredibly, allow hospitals to turn away a woman seeking an abortion, even if she'll die without it—a major change from current law.
Republicans have a real chance of passing these bills—unless we sound the alarm right away. Can you help MoveOn.org get this new ad on the air? Just click here to donate: