Wednesday, August 12, 2009

38th District Candidate Calls for Investigation of Special Election Proclamation by David Lombardo - Legislative Gazette

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Albert Baldeo, a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 38th Assembly District, is calling for an investigation into this past Friday’s confusion surrounding the scheduling of a special election in the district.

A proclamation announcing the date of a special election was issued by Gov. David A. Paterson’s office around noon on Friday and was retracted about four hours later by a brief statement.

Baldeo is encouraged by the recall of the first statement, but wants an investigation into the whole affair.

“The question here is who ‘back-doored’ the proclamation without the governor’s consent,” said Baldeo, who pointed out Paterson was in the Hamptons when the proclamation was issued.

If the retraction is ultimately deemed invalid, and there ends up being a special election, Baldeo has promised legal action.

“We are going to sue for ballot access and our right to run for public office if a special election is called,” said Baldeo. He also said there are other candidates who would join him in his suit.

According to the Queens Board of Elections there are currently four Democrats who have submitted the adequate number of petitions to appear on the Democratic primary ballot for this seat and they are Baldeo, Nick Comaianni, Michael G. Miller and Farouk Samaroo. There is currently only one Republican with petitions submitted and she is Donna Marie Caltabiano.