Friday, August 28, 2009

Thompson 2009 Campaign Responds to Mike Bloomberg's Comments on Democratic Primary Debate

Mike Bloomberg’s claim that the Thompson campaign doesn’t exist is similar to his attitude towards 95% of New York City; they don’t exist to him.

Come November 3, 2009 Mike Bloomberg is going to learn that the Thompson campaign does exist when the millions of hardworking New Yorkers that he has dismissed for the past 8 years vote him out of city hall.

The fact of the matter is the majority of New Yorkers want a change at City Hall and we have one simple message for him: this is an election not a coronation and you can't buy what is not for sale.”

Today, Mike Bloomberg told the press that he didn’t watch last night’s debate, stating:

"I'm not running against anybody," Bloomberg told reporters. "I'm running on a record, and I'm trying to lay out the things that I would do if given another opportunity."