Monday, March 8, 2010

NYPD Officer Caught Sleeping in Terrorist-Targeted Subway Station - WPIX

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A New York City police officer whose job is to monitor a terrorist targeted subway station underneath Grand Central Station, was caught snoozing on the job Thursday.

In photos exclusively obtained by PIX News, the officer is seen sound asleep inside the platform surveillance booth on the 7 train platform. The photos were taken at around 9:45 a.m. Thursday, just after the height of rush hour.

The officer was apparently nodding off for about 30 seconds, tried to wake up and then fell fast asleep.

NYPD Commissioner Paul J. Browne, released a statement late Thursday, saying the incident is under investigation.

"The NYPD is investigating whether an officer, who experienced a death in the family overnight, fell asleep on duty the following morning," Browne said.

Considered to be a high security "fishbowl" station, the subway platform handles tens of thousands of commuters daily. To make matters worse, Grand Central Terminal - which houses the station in question - was one of many locations where Al Qaeda operative Najibullah Zazi planned on carrying out suicide bombings. The plot was foiled by authorities in September 2009.