Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloomberg Scolds Reporters Again by David Chen - City Room Blog - NYTimes.com

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Mayor Bloomberg is really one of the most arrogant men on the face of this earth...
On some days, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg can be quite charming and courteous with the press, congratulating reporters who have gotten married or given birth.

Monday was not one of those days.

When asked his reaction to the indictment of John F. Haggerty Jr., a Queens political operative who had become close to Mr. Bloomberg, the mayor was curt and prickly.

First, he said that the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., had asked him not to talk about the case.

“There’s nothing else I can say about this,” he said.

When asked about reaction to critics of his contributions to the state’s Independence Party, which were at the heart of Mr. Haggerty’s legal woes, Mr. Bloomberg said: “I have a right to make donations to support people and parties that I think will help this city and this country and this state, and I’ll continue to do it.”

And about the question of why he hired poll watchers on Election Day?

“Miss!” Mr. Bloomberg began. “I’m sorry that my English isn’t apparently good enough for you.”

Finally, when asked how the case had affected him personally, since he and Mr. Haggerty had, by all accounts, developed a close bond, Mr. Bloomberg began: “Miss, I just said ——”

“What will you say to him next time ——”

“You’re not listening to the words, and the district attorney, Cy Vance, who I think is a very good district attorney, asked us not to talk and we’re not going to talk,” the mayor answered.

Mr. Bloomberg looked at another reporter and said, “We will take a legitimate question from you.”