Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weiner: “BP Should Not Be in Charge of Anything in this Operation”...

Calls on BP to be Removed from the Claims Process & Media Access

Today, during the House Energy and Environment subcommittee hearing, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Queens & Brooklyn) questioned the Chairman and President of BP America, Lamar McKay.

Watch Rep. Weiner’s Testimony:

“It seems we are all saying the same thing; that BP should not be in charge of anything in this operation anymore,” said Weiner. “BP has done nothing to establish any level of credibility.”

“If we know BP is conflicted about being truthful with information, they should have no control in determining what access the American people have to learn what’s going on. BP should have no control over the access of the media nor should they have control over any access of experts in the field.

"Why should there be any decision-making ability on your part at all here? That's one thing my Republican friends, who want to criticise the administration for not doing enough, maybe we agree on. Maybe we need to have BP involved a heck of a lot less, with anything to do with our environment, anything to do with our citizens."

“If we know BP is conflicted about wanting to understate costs - that the basic element of a corporation, they want to take in as much as they can and give out as little as they can- why is there any role for them to play in claims? Why should there be any decision making ability on the part of BP at all here. While they sit here saying over and over again that they are going to pay all legitimate claims, my question is: Who determines what legitimate, and I believe it should be the American people, not BP.