Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Queens is Trashiest Boro by Reuven Blau -

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This NY Post story doesn't surprise me at all (in fact I was going to post an item on my blog with the photos below)...I have been noticing how filthy my community and others have become in Bloomberg's New York City so I began taking photographs of the corner trash cans near my home in early June...I think the intersections of Liberty Avenue and Crossbay Boulevard and the intersection of 101st Avenue and 94th Street/Woodhaven Boulevard are the worst I've seen in all my years living in the neighborhood - which is the late 1960's ...Take a look at the slideshow to see for yourself...The photos were all taken on three different days - June 3rd, June 7th and June 13th...I must say that every neighborhood I've visited recently in Queens and Brooklyn have looked terrible, but Manhattan still looks like the Emerald City...In King Bloomberg's NYC we have to keep the tourists happy - screw the tax paying residents...

What a waste!
Queens neighborhoods are at the top of the heap in garbage collection, leading the city with 160,000 tons of trash picked up by the city's Department of Sanitation last year.
The district encompassing Jamaica, St. Albans and Springfield Gardens swept the field, with an output of 82,124 tons of trash, followed by the district that includes Flushing, College Point and Whitestone, with 77,081 tons.
In third place, the district that collects from the south shore of Staten Island dumped 70,249 tons, while the Upper East Side weighed in with a close 69,744 tons. Borough Park in Brooklyn trailed in fifth place, with 67,869 tons.
New York City's population stands at 8,363,710 and is growing by some 30,000 to 60,000 a year, according to the American Community Survey.
Still, the city's overall refuse output continued to drop for the fourth year in a row, despite the increasing population.
In 2009, 2.5 million tons of trash was collected, down from 2.6 million in 2008.
"Its definitely recession driven," Turso said.