Friday, November 19, 2010

America Got Scammed - Tell Congressional Republicans:Get Your Priorities Straight - YouTube

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Republicans spent the last few months claiming they care about fiscal responsibility. Now those who bought it will be in a for a rude awakening when they realized that what the GOP says to get elected bears no resemblance to what they do once in office. First up on the real GOP agenda: Blow a $700 billion hole in the budget by extending the Bush tax cuts for their CEO friends and donors. Deficits? What are those? Tea partiers. You got scammed.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to block real efforts to strengthen the economy by extending unemployment benefits. Congressional Republicans aren't fiscally responsible -- they're just greedy budget-busting corporate stooges. They don't care about the middle class, hard-working Americans or the unemployed. They only care about their donors.

America Got Scammed. Don’t let them win again.

Tell Congress to get its priorities straight -- don't put wealthy donors over unemployed Americans. No more Bush tax cuts for the top 2%.

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