Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Senator Addabbo to Introduce Bill That Increases Print Size on Ballots

At the September 29, 2010 public hearing in NYC on Primary Day problems experienced by voters with new machines, Senate Elections Committee Chair Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. listens to testimony. Also shown on panel is Senate Elections Committee counsel David Kogelman. SHANA WITTENWYLER, Photographer, New York State Senate

Answering the most common complaint from voters on both Primary Day in September and Election Day in November, NYS Senator Joseph Addabbo, Chair of the State Senate Elections Committee, is drafting the language necessary in a bill that would enlarge the print on the ballot used for the scanner. The Senator is hopeful this legislation can be introduced before the end of the year and passed early next year, before the 2011 elections.

“As I have often stated, I have been determined to make certain that the transition from the lever voting machines to the required paper ballots and optical scanning machines would make it easier for people to vote, increase their participation in the electoral process, and leave citizens feeling more confident than ever that their votes are being accurately counted,” said Addabbo. “One complaint that stood out in the elections across my district and the city was that the ballot was difficult to read and understand because of the small type size. Solving this problem for the voters is of critical importance and is one of my top priorities for the next legislative session.”

The Senator pointed out that there are usability experts available who can help to resolve such issues, and to whom the state and the local Board of Elections should be reaching out. Addabbo said he will be looking into all aspects of this and other issues that arose during the election cycle and introducing whatever legislation may be necessary to assure that not only are ballots legible for the voters, but that the entire voting process is reliable and easy for the people.