Monday, February 7, 2011

Fact Check: Did Wal-mart Front Group Lie to City Council and Press About “Volunteers” Gathering Petitions?

Hmm… Walmart2NYC Should Check With Corporate First Next Time They Make False Claims

CLAIM: Walmart2NYC Brooklyn Chairman Tony Herbert claimed that 30,000 signatures were obtained by 50 “volunteers” over the past three weeks.

FACT: Walmart IS paying their canvassers. According to a news report, a reporter was solicited for her signature in a subway car by a young man who “knew very little about what he was asking people to sign,” and did not know how it was used, but DIDknow he was getting paid for his work”.

QUESTION: Now that Walmart2NYC has been caught lying to the City Council, will they come clean and apologize for their misleading testimony? Will Wal-mart disassociate themselves with front groups which lie on their behalf to the City Council?