Tuesday, January 27, 2009

112th Precinct Community Council Vial of Life Program

Heidi Harrison Chain, President of the 112th precinct community council and Captain Tamola, Commanding Officer of the 112th precinct are urging your participation in our Vial of Life Program. I am thrilled that we are able to provide this life saving program for you. Each year at the beginning of the year we once again offer this program to you. IF you have completed the forms last year it gives you a chance to update your records.

This vital program enables emergency responders who respond to a house or apartment to have the medical and personal information about an individual who is unable to provide this information to them. We will give you the forms and we will give you the magnets.

The information forms are for you to complete and then keep in your house in your refrigerator. The Vial of Life magnets and forms will be available at our January 21st council meetings.

Captain Tamola and the officers of the 112th precinct are participating in this program The officers when they respond to a situation in an apartment or home know to be on the look out for our Vial of Life magnets when they respond and someone is unable to speak.

The Vial of Life magnet should be placed on the refrigerator door or on the telephone in the kitchen. A responding officer seeing the magnet will know to look inside the refrigerator on the left side for the plastic bag containing the individual’s important medical information in the event that the individual is unable to tell the officer. This information can save time and enable the emergency responders to know if the individual has are any existing medical conditions, is taking prescriptions, the name of the individual’s doctor and also family contact numbers. Emergency responders will be able to use this information to help save the person who is sick.

We are also suggesting that once you complete the information form that you make a copy with your information and include it in your “go bag” to be taken with you in the event of an emergency. It is always helpful for this critical information to be available should it be needed. For those of you who completed this form years ago- please update your information so that it is current.

The information form is for you and your family members to complete. The information that is included on the form includes your name , the language you speak, your birthday, your medial insurance company and policy number, your doctor’s name and phone number, our emergency contacts and then your medical history. We also suggest that you include a copy of your Photo id card for identification. The information sheet should also include the location of your prescriptions in your house.

If anyone is unable to come to our January meeting - but wants to participate in this life saving vial of life program --- email your address - to council112@yahoo.com and I will mail the vial of life package to you.

Heidi Harrison Chain, President, 112th Precinct Community Council