Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weiner: Use Stimulus Funds to Help Fix Queens and Brooklyn Elevators...

Representative Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn and Queens) called on the New York City Housing Authority to allocate part of the $600 million in stimulus funding to fix elevators in Pomonok and Sheepshead-Nostrand Housing.

Rep. Weiner worked to include $1 billion infusion for public housing in the House economic stimulus bill. The final stimulus packaged signed by the President provides approximately $600 million for New York City’s public housing agency to repair elevators and upkeep the aging buildings.

Pomonok Housing in Queens is home to more than 4,300 New Yorkers, including many senior citizens. With 35 buildings and 54 residential elevators, it is the City’s third largest Housing Authority development. The Sheepshead Bay Housing in Brooklyn has 18, six-story buildings with more than 2,700 residents.

Full text of the letter follows...

Mr. Douglas Apple
General Manager
New York City Housing Authority
250 Broadway
New York, NY 10007-2516

Dear Mr. Apple:

I have been contacted by several concerned constituents and community leaders regarding Pomonok and Sheeepshead-Nostrand Housing. Members of these two communities have longstanding concerns about the lack of resources made available to their buildings by the Housing Authority.

The community appreciates the fact that the Housing Authority has been trying to accomplish more with less in this difficult economic climate. It is m hope that the $600 million that the New York City delegation in Congress recently delivered to the Housing Authority will allow the Housing Authority to provide the necessary resources for Pomonok and Sheepshead-Nostrand Housing to have clean grounds, working elevators, and general upkeep befitting housing developments in New York City.

I look forward to continue working together with the Housing Authority and our Queens and Brooklyn communities.


Member of Congress