Monday, June 29, 2009

REAL CHANGE to Mayoral Dictatorship -- OR LET THE LAW SUNSET!

A rally on June 28, 2009 by members of the Parent Commission and their supporters to counter a rally planned by the Mayor Bloomberg and his allies to try to force the NY State Senate's hand to accept Mayoral control. Protesters were not allowed to attend or come within a certain distance of the school entrance.
The press event was held in a courtyard inside East Harlems PS 57. Audible throughout were shouts from two contingents of protesters kept outside the schoolhouse gates. Several dozen mayoral control critics railed against Bloomberg's school policies under the stony eye of a cadre of police officers. We didn't want this event to go unremarked, and we didn't, said Leonie Haimson, a member of the Parent Commission on School Governance, which is sending a group of parents to Albany tomorrow morning to lobby for changes to mayoral control in the senates deliberations. The mayor is using scare tactics to cram the Assembly bill down the senates throat, she said.A smaller number of mayoral control supporters was organized by the lobbying group Learn NY, but most declined to provide their names or why they thought the issue was important.

If Bloomberg's opinions are so popular with the city, why did he exit the back door and not face the protesters in the front of the school? The press conference was clandestine, spur-of-the-moment, and for invited guests only. That says it all. If New Yorkers go along with this stunt, they're not doing their homework on this guy and all his collaborators - which include the UFT/Unity management, the city council members who paved the way for a third term against the will of the people (in 2 referendums, no less), the governor, and whomever this billionaire mayor has paid off to smooth his way. How corrupt does it have to get before New Yorkers wake up and see his serving corporate interests and not