Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sports Store Taken In by Topless Shoplifter - TransWorldNews

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Employees of a sporting goods store in Howard Beach, New York learn the hard way to beware of customers bearing breasts.

SportsDepot, a sporting goods store located in Howard Beach, NY became the victims of a curvaceous crook who used full frontal nudity to distract store employees from her shoplifting accomplice. SportDepot does most of its football, baseball and sporting goods business online, but still maintains healthy customer traffic in its flagship NY store. On June 15, the thieves, both female, entered the store, and at first aroused no suspicion. A different type of arousal was soon to follow. One of the women, an attractive, shapely young blond, picked out a number of tops and asked if she could try them on. When told that there was no changing room, the woman said that she needed to be certain that they fit properly before making a purchase and that the lack of a dressing room was not a problem. She proceeded to remove her top in full view of store employees and patrons alike. Her lack of undergarments made this already incredible act all the more shocking.

“We all realized this women was a knockout the second she came through the door, but we never dreamed we’d get to see just how perfect she really was,” admits one employee who chooses to remain anonymous.

“We were speechless. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her. She tried on seven or eight different tops. Even the female customers had a hard time looking away. She looked great in everything, but in the end she said that nothing was exactly what she was looking for. Of course we tried to convince her to try on a few more things, but she declined.”

It wasn’t until about fifteen minutes after the women left that they realized the naked truth. While they were busy paying their undivided attention to the bare chested beauty, her partner in crime was busy stealing several hundred dollars worth of sporting goods and sportswear. “She took lots of clothing, mostly shirts, shorts, pants and jackets. But she also made off with some baseball gloves and football accessories,” the employee added. When asked how they felt after they realized what had happened the employee replied, “How do you think we feel? We feel like boobs.”