Friday, July 31, 2009

DC 37 and Tenants PAC Endorse Frank Gulluscio for City Council

Labor Union and Tenants Organization Show Their Support for Frank Gulluscio’s candidacy for New York City Council

Last week DC 37 the largest municipal employee union endorsed Frank Gulluscio for City Council. DC 37 has a membership of 125,000 members and 50,000 retirees throughout the city. Their employees make up a broad spectrum of workers from nursing and sanitation to education workers. “DC 37 truly represents a cross section of real middle class New Yorker’s that we need to protect in these rough economic times.” Said Frank Gulluscio “They are leaders in the fight to protect the hard working residents of New York City.”

DC 37 is proud to support Frank Gulluscio because of his proven record in support of the issues important to the men and women we represent who work so hard to serve New York," said DC 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts. "We firmly believe that Mr. Gulluscio will best represent the interests of the labor community of our city and our state. Our endorsement brings with it a pledge to work diligently on his behalf with our powerful, sophisticated field operations to get out the vote. We have a proven record of successfully supporting our endorsed candidates".

I am very proud and excited to receive their endorsement. DC 37 is one of the largest unions and understands the growing problems facing our city and knows that we need strong experienced leadership going forward. I am looking forward to working with them to protect the hard working middle class residents of our community. In these trying times it is more important than ever to look at unique solutions to protect our middle class. We cannot rely on the same tired formula of regressive taxes, arduous fines and increased tolls. We need new ideas and new plans to protect the hard working residents of New York City; and I look forward to working with DC 37 to make those ideas a reality.”, announced Frank Gulluscio.

Additionally, the Gulluscio Campaign is proud to announce the endorsement of Tenants PAC, one of the leaders in the fight for affordable housing in New York City.

Too often Middle Class residents are forced out of New York City because of sky-rocketing rents they can no longer afford. I look forward to working with Tenants PAC to make sure that affordable housing remains something available to all New York City residents.” Said Frank Gulluscio

Michael McKee from Tenants PAC agreed and issued the following statement Tenants PAC is pleased to support Frank Gulluscio, a strong pro-tenant candidate. We look forward to working with him on the City Council to win stronger rent laws.