Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Press Release - Frank Gulluscio Files Over 5,500 Signatures for City Council Race...

Gulluscio, showing overwhelming support in the community, files signatures for New York City Council Race

The Gulluscio campaign is pleased to announce that we have filed over 5,500 signatures, over six times what is needed with the Board of Elections to appear on the ballot for the 32nd City Council seat. Volunteers from all over the district devoted numerous days and countless hours to ensure that Frank would have a place on the ballot come November.

"I want to thank all of the dedicated volunteers who sacrificed their free time to join me as we work to take back this council seat. I have been overwhelmed by the support that I have found so far in the community and I am eager to begin the campaign. I want to be a voice for the entire district.", declared city council candidate Frank Gulluscio

For the last few months the Gulluscio campaign has been engaged in meeting voters and residents across the district, from Woodhaven to the Rockaways. Everywhere the message from voters is the same; frustration with the city’s assault on the Middle Class.

“People are tired of a budget being balanced on their backs through higher taxes, increased fees and arduous tolls. The middle class is under attack and residents know that they need experienced and veteran leadership in these troubled times.”, said Frank Gulluscio. “I am happy to have such varied and diverse support as I make my bid to be this area’s next City Councilman. For too long the Middle Class has disproportionately been hit by sales tax increases, rising tolls and increased fines. This has been followed by cuts in services and public resources. The challenge of continuing to provide quality services in these troubled times is a task where my skills and experience can be the most effective. We need to make sure that the next generation has access to the same great schools, the same great parks and health care that does not break the bank. I will fight for all the residents of my district to ensure that this area remains a place people not only want to be able to raise a family but can.”