Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frank Gulluscio Appears at Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation Candidates Night and 9/11 Memorial...

Gulluscio Address The Concerns and Local Problems Affecting Woodhaven

On September 22, Democratic Candidate Frank Gulluscio appeared at the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation Candidates Night and 9/11 memorial. At the memorial Frank discussed the need for constant vigilance saying, “The horror of 9/11 is something that remains with us daily. I will never forget how I felt when I saw the smoke rising out of the Twin Towers. Many of us know someone who was lost in that terrible tragedy and it is important that we honor their memory and their sacrifice every day not only 9/11.We must keep their memories close to our heart and maintain a constant vigilance so that such horrible atrocities are never repeated.”

After the 9/11 Memorial and the moment of silence, the event became a Candidates night. Each candidate was allowed to speak for 5 minutes and then was asked questions from the board. Frank spoke about some of his past accomplishments including keeping the Woodhaven Fire House Open, “When I heard that the City planned to close Engine 293 which serves the Woodhaven community I was outraged. Woodhaven needs a firehouse. There are numerous older buildings fashioned mainly of wood and it is vital that help is nearby if needed. Working with then Councilman Addabbo we made sure that Engine 293 was taken off the list of stations to be closed. We won the battle but the war continues, we need our next Councilman to continue to watch City Hall to ensure that Woodhaven keeps it fire house.”

Frank also spoke about some of his ideas for revitalizing the office and making it more accessible; “These days it is more common to find families with both parents working and often hours that are no longer 9-5. That is why in addition to a 24-7 hour hot-line I pledge that my District Office, at least two nights a week, will have longer hours and stay open later. Additionally, at least once a month, the Office will be open for a few hours on Saturday. Government and elected officials should be available around the clock not only from 9-5. The working mom or the young dad working two jobs should have the same opportunity as anyone else to interact with their elected officials.”

When Frank was asked about some his plans for Woodhaven he said “Woodhaven is a diverse and distinct community that needs a dedicated and committed Councilman. We need to ensure that local small business continue to come and set up shop and look into methods of prevention for quality of life crimes such as graffiti and noise pollution. Current studies being undertaken by the City, such as the Woodhaven Boulevard Traffic Study, will offer possible ideas to reduce congestion, ideas that I look forward to discussing to ensure they are right for this community.”