Thursday, October 1, 2009

It’s White by a Whisker, Final Tally Says by Ivan Pereira - Queens Campaigner

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The final tally of votes in the District 28 Democratic primary has incumbent Thomas White (l.) edging out Lynn Nunes by just four votes. Photo: Christina Santucci

The City’s Board of Elections released the official vote tally for the hotly contested Democratic primary for Council District 28, naming incumbent Thomas White the winner by the slimmest of margins.

White, who is running for his second term, beat challenger Lynn Nunes by four votes, with 1,940 Democratic constituents choosing him as their candidate, according to the BOE. The results were released by the BOE on Sept. 23.

Nunes was not available for comment Monday afternoon. He has indicated in the past that he would be willing to challenge the results if there was a slim margin between him and White.

The incumbent was not available for comment Monday afternoon.

The primary was too close to call two weeks ago, as White had led Nunes by only six votes. BOE volunteers scrutinized paper and absentee ballots in the days following the primary.

The four other challengers in the race collectively garnered about 36 percent of the vote, the BOE said.