Tuesday, October 13, 2009

City Projects Still Priority for Senator Joe Addabbo

State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. today announced the status of capital projects he has funded in his 15th Senate District and in City Council District 32. Explained Senator Addabbo, “Local parents and their children in my district have been eagerly anticipating renovations to their local ballfields, civic triangles, school/neighborhood playgrounds and longtime-coming makeovers. These projects are still of importance to me, even though I funded them while I was in the City Council.”

Of the capital projects Addabbo is keeping an eye on are first, the opening of the Pals Oval Ballfields, which will be opening soon after renovations of both baseball and football fields are completed at a cost of about $3,200,000. Next, the Locust Grove Civic Triangle restoration should be completed in mid-November, after refurbishing the triangle and its decorative fountain, providing electric and water service and an additional traffic barrier. That triangle project was funded for $250,000. Construction projects in progress include the Walter Ward Playground at P.S. 207, which is being reconstructed at a cost of $1,700,000, with completion estimated for late August 2010. “This project is especially important to me because of the need for a safe recreational environment in the area. I am also grateful for the cooperative efforts between the school children and the Parks Department,” Addabbo stated.

Last, over at Forest Park, projects that are underway include replacement of the bandshell benches and the retrofitting of handicapped bathrooms at Victory Field, both projects at a cost of $300,000 each. Bids are due in November for reconstruction of the tennis courts, with $1,000,000 already secured. And $2,360,000 was obtained to continue the renovation of the over 100 year-old greenhouses with modern, efficient structures; bids are due by the end of the year and construction should start in spring 2010.

Addabbo intends to work closely with the community residents and the Parks Department in advancing the progress of these projects. Adds the Senator, “I’ve worked to secure over $9 million to fund local projects that help to provide a safer place for my residents to enjoy and puts the hard-working taxpayers’ money back into the community. This greatly improves the quality of life for my constituents.”