Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Atty Gen Andrew Cuomo Endorses Elizabeth Crowley for Re-Election - Calls Crowley “The Kind of Leader that Middle Class New Yorkers Need”

Today, the Campaign to Re-elect Council Member Elizabeth Crowley is honored to announce that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has endorsed Elizabeth Crowley for re-election to City Council. The endorsement adds to the growing momentum of support for Council Member Elizabeth Crowley’s grassroots campaign to fight for the middle class and working New Yorkers and to be the voice to address our neighborhood's needs.

“Elizabeth Crowley is the kind of leader that middle class New Yorkers need,” said Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo. “Elizabeth has spent her career fighting hard for working people and getting results for Queens. We need Elizabeth in City Hall fighting for our neighborhoods and for hardworking New Yorkers.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement from Attorney General Andrew Cuomo,” said Council Member Elizabeth Crowley. “Like me, Attorney General Cuomo comes from a family tradition of leadership and fighting for the rights and services of all New Yorkers. I am proud to have the support of Attorney General Cuomo who has remained committed to protecting the middle class, and creating jobs for the working people.”

Andrew Cuomo was elected the 64th Attorney General of New York State on November 7, 2006. As the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the State, Cuomo has prioritized public integrity and enhancing transparency in New York State government, as well as instigating a dramatic and historic expansion of the Civil Rights bureau within the Attorney General’s office. Throughout his time in office, Cuomo has focused on using individual cases collectively to identify the larger systemic problems with entire industries and then develop solutions that directly affect people’s lives. One notable case spearheaded by Cuomo took place in 2007 when he launched an investigated into widespread appraisal fraud within the mortgage industry, examining practices used by some of the country’s largest banks of pressuring appraisers to artificially inflate the value of homes. As a result of these investigations, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac agreed to abide by new appraisal guidelines defined by the Attorney General and to fund an Independent Valuation Protection Institute to implement and monitor those guidelines. Another notable case took place in 2008 when Cuomo launched an industry-wide investigation into a scheme by health insurers to defraud consumers by manipulating reimbursement rates.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s endorsement today of Council Member Elizabeth Crowley comes on the heels of the Italians for Crowley rally at Juniper Valley Park in which fifty Italian-American leaders vocalized their support for the re-election of Elizabeth Crowley to the City Council for four more years. Since being sworn into office in January 2009, Council Member Elizabeth Crowley has achieved numerous accomplishments, including but not limited to: rezoning over 300 blocks in Glendale, Middle Village and Maspeth to protect neighborhoods from over development; preventing 50 OBGYNS from closing their doors to women in need; securing millions in funds to expand mammogram programs and to ensure that breast imaging is covered by Medicare and Medicaid; and securing $2 million for local classrooms, making technology accessible for every student.