Friday, October 30, 2009

NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo Endorses Bill Thompson for Mayor...

In another sign of the changing momentum, Bill Thompson gained another major endorsement today when Attorney General Andrew Cuomo endorsed him for Mayor in the Bronx.

The Attorney General cited Thompson’s lifelong commitment to addressing issues facing middle-class New Yorkers, including jobs, schools, the rising costs of housing, transportation, water rates, sales and property taxes. Cuomo praised Bill for his plans to make our city more affordable. Cuomo also complimented Bill’s vision for tackling the biggest challenges we are facing and cited his leadership as the reason why Bill is ready to lead New York during these difficult economic times.

Attorney General Cuomo said "Bill Thompson's years of dedicated public service, his vision for a better future for our City, and his commitment to improving the lives of working families are among the reasons why Bill is ready to lead New York during these difficult economic times"

“It is an honor to have the support of NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo,” said Bill Thompson. “Andrew is a great friend and has been an outstanding public servant. Andrew has helped move New York State forward and has ensured that no one is above the law and all New Yorkers are treated equal,” stated Thompson.

For the past eight years, our Republican mayor has prioritized the wealthy, developers and Wall Street – while ignoring the needs of working families across the city. Today, the result is a 16-year high unemployment rate, rising taxes and fees, and working families leaving the city because it’s become unaffordable. Bill Thompson will be a mayor who puts City Hall back on the side of working men and women.

On November 3rd, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to bring change to our City. Mike Bloomberg’s Republican policies have catered to the wealthy and special interests, while communities across New York City continue to struggle. When Bill Thompson takes office, he will be a Mayor for all New Yorkers.