Sunday, November 15, 2009

Schools and Additional Police Top C.B. 10 Budget List by Stephen Geffon - Queens Chronicle

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The construction of new schools to alleviate overcrowding in the community and the assignment of additional uniformed police officers to the 106th Precinct to increase visibility and reduce response time are the most important Community Board 10 budget priorities for fiscal year 2011, says C.B. 10 chairwoman Betty Braton.

The Capital and Expense Budget Priority Report, a statement prepared by the board highlighting what members agree are priority items to be dealt with by the city, was made public at last Thursday’s C.B. 10 meeting in South Ozone Park. The budget process continues from now until June, when the final city budget is adopted.

In addition to schools and police presence, priorities outlined in the capital budget presentation included the planned reconstruction of streets in the Centerville area, known as the HWQ411B project, park improvements and other street construction.

Topping the list of parks C.B.10 said require a much-needed facelift are Judge Memorial Park on 134th Street, the Southern Fields ball fields on North Conduit Avenue and Police Officer Edward Byrne Park, on North Conduit Avenue between 131st and 133rd Streets. The budget report also calls for the installation of sanitary and storm sewers for the area around Jewel Street and curb construction wherever it is needed.

In Howard Beach, the board has requested the construction of a new library in Hamilton Beach and the reconfiguration of the Cohancy Street exit of the Belt Parkway at North Conduit Avenue.

Additional forestry services, sanitation equipment and more park staffing were also listed in the committee’s report. The board approved the FY 2011 priorities.

Furthermore, C.B. 10 District Manager Karyn Petersen informed residents of a new pilot program started by the Department of Transportation designed to help property owners make sidewalk repairs more quickly and resolve violations issued by the DOT for cracks, trip hazards and other defects without significant additional cost.

Under the expedited repair program (see form Below), DOT contractors can begin sidewalk repair or replacement work within 45 days of a property owner’s request, which can be made online or by mailing a request to DOT’s Office of Sidewalk Management.

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