Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tell Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein That You Oppose the Plan to Expand Standardized Testing to Students in Kindergarten through Second Grade...

Tell Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein that you oppose their plan to expand standardized testing to students in kindergarten through
second grade. Standardized tests do not appropriately measure the complexity of a young child’s growth and development...

This is a campaign by Time Out From Testing to Stop Standardized Tests in Our Public Schools...Please help...Thanks..!!

Dear Queens Parent,

Please join our efforts at Time Out From Testing to stop K-2 standardized tests in our public schools!

Can you help us?

Below is a link to a letter (in English and Spanish) of opposition to K-2 standardized testing. We need parents to help us organize this letter-signing: make copies of the letter, have adults sign the letter, COLLECT the letters and then get them back to us. If you can help with this effort, that would be terrific!

We have found that parent-teacher conferences are a great time to get the letters signed. Parents set up a table in the school lobby (with permission from the principal) and ask parents to sign as they come into the school.

We also have a link to a resolution for SLTs and PTAs to pass and sign, stating their opposition to K-2 standardized testing in their schools. We ask that you get your school's PTA and SLT each to pass and sign this resolution, and then to give us copies.

Thanks so much and if you have any questions, feel free to email or call us.

Jane Hirschmann

Don Freeman

Parent Letter in English:

Parent Letter in Spanish:

SLT/PTA Resolutions: