Wednesday, April 28, 2010

US Unemployed Blogsite: Kirsten Gillibrand Supports Tier 5 Unemployment Extensions

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At around 5:15 EST (yesterday) on a live video Facebook session with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), a number of unemployed persons began voicing their concerns about the need for a Tier 5 Unemployment.

This was the answer from Kirsten Gillibrand:

Please excuse the video quality. It was a record from a ustream Facebook session and may not be the greatest in video quality. The Senator does state that she supports a Tier 5 Unemployment but offers no details as to when the extension may happen.

Please trust, the issue of when was pressed. The collective online participating crowd kept pressuring the Senator for answers of when. Comments from other participants stated replies such as: "the Senator supports the extension, why are you so concerned?" or "you need to ask NY State Legislature about that issue" or my favorite, "Are all of these people being paid to lobby for a Tier 5?"...

No one is getting paid here. It is only the collective efforts of those who can participate in these events raising awareness and asking the questions that so many are desperately seeking the answer. Hopefully, Senator Gillibrand takes this dire need of urgency seriously as HR 4213 is being debated in the coming weeks.