Friday, July 23, 2010

Help the Working Family Party Stop Hydro-fracking in NYS Now..!

To stop risky natural gas drilling in New York, we have to get our State Senators back to Albany now.

At the moment, they're on recess for the indefinite future -- but if they don't return and pass a moratorium on hydrofracking ASAP, the first gas drilling permits could be issued this August, and it could be too late to save New York City's drinking water from pollution.

The Working Family Party (WFP) is about to send a letter to every single Senate office around the state, insisting that they return and pass a drilling moratorium right away.

Will you please sign the letter before they send it?

Sign the letter by clicking here...

In June, WFP delivered a 12,000-person petition to Senate Majority Leader John Sampson urging him to bring a moratorium bill to the floor. But Albany was in the middle of intense budget negotiations, and the Senate never got to voting on the bill before they adjourned.

They can still come back and pass a moratorium, but we have to put pressure on EVERY member of the State Senate to make it happen.

Some Senators are worried that if they do the right thing and vote for a ban, the drilling industry will come after them in the fall elections, spending hundreds of thousands to smear their reputations and try to defeat them at the polls.

We need to show these Senators that New Yorkers' grassroots support for a drilling moratorium overwhelms any threats from the drilling industry. The more signers we have on the WFP letter, the clearer that message becomes -- and then they'll make sure every single member of the State Senate gets it.

It really is now or never. I hope you'll sign the WFP  letter today, and ask all of your friends to sign it, too.