Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Planned Parenthood Endorses Avella - Endorsement Statement -- PPNYC Action Fund

Action Fund Makes Queens Senate District 11 Priority for November Election

Today the Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund (Action Fund) announced its endorsement of Tony Avella for the New York State Senate representing Queens Senate District 11.

Tony Avella has returned a 100% pro-choice questionnaire and has pledged to be a leader on women’s health in the New York State Senate,” said Joan Malin, president & CEO of the Action Fund. “In the New York City Council, Tony Avella was known for his independence, tenacity and passionate advocacy. Avella has pledged to use that same energy to advocate on the behalf of reproductive rights and health in the NYS Senate.”

"Incumbent Senator Frank Padavan is simply anti-choice. We wholeheartedly endorse Tony Avella," said Malin.

As one of the most entrenched elected officials in New York State, Frank Padavan has taken every opportunity to vote against women’s health in his 38 years in the State Senate.

He voted against common-sense health legislation like the Women’s Health and Wellness bill that ensured contraceptives would be covered by insurance plans, and that established minimum coverage requirements for mammograms in helping to detect breast cancer.

Frank Padavan was also 1 of just 4 State Senators to vote against the Clinic Access and Anti-Stalking Act, legislation that ensured women have safe access to reproductive health centers. And he voted against the Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act, legislation that would have increased access to emergency contraception.

In stark contrast, Tony Avella voted in favor of a law requiring the New York City Department of Health make available emergency contraception at its health centers, health stations, health clinics or other health facilities, and he voted in favor of a law to ensure all New York City hospitals provide emergency contraception to rape survivors.

For far too long, this pro-choice district has been misrepresented by a Senator who is out of touch with his constituents. As a newly elected Senator, Tony Avella will not abandon the women and families of New York!

The Action Fund will be conducting grassroots activities, phone banking and door to door canvassing to inform voters in SD 11 about the anti-woman, anti-choice stance of their current Senator and to educate the voters about Tony Avella’s 100% pro-choice rating. The Action Fund will also call upon its army of activists to hold events throughout the summer to alert voters about what’s at stake in the November election.