Thursday, August 19, 2010

South Ozone Park Man Crushed by Car by Howard Koplowitz -

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A deacon at a South Ozone Park church was killed after he was crushed while working on his prized possession — a 1995 red Toyota Celica — the minister of the church said Tuesday.

Glenmore Miller, a 42-year-old electrician and deacon at the South Ozone Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church, was discovered dead under the car Monday morning, according to the church’s minister, the Rev. Richard Bryant.

“He was always into that car. He was always working on it,” Bryant said in a phone interview Tuesday. “For whatever reason, he wanted that particular car and he kept it.”

Members of Miller’s family, who gathered at his South Ozone Park home on Sutter Avenue, declined to comment.

Miller, who Bryant said became an ordained deacon about three years ago, was known for serving the church, even pitching in during renovations.

“He was loved by everybody,” Bryant said. “You never heard an unkind word of him. He really touched a lot of lives”

Miller was last seen alive Sunday and was found dead Monday.

Bryant said a jack holding up the 1995 red Toyota Celica Miller was working on gave way, crushing him.

He said it was not known whether Miller was killed instantly.