Sunday, November 7, 2010

Transit Worker Kent Morgan Expected to Live After Falling 20 Feet from Queens Subway Track by Ben Chapman & Jonathan Lemire - NY Daily News

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MTA workers inspect the scene where one of their fellow workers fell from the tracks to the street at the corner of Roosevelt Avenue and 114th Street in Queens on Saturday.

A track worker took a terrifying plunge from an elevated Queens subway Saturday, falling more than 20 feet to the street below, officials said.
Kent Morgan, 50, slammed onto the asphalt under the No. 7 line, leaving a pool of blood on Roosevelt Ave., near Citi Field.
Morgan was rushed to New York Hospital Queens after the harrowing 11a.m. accident and is going to survive, his grateful family said.
"We believe it's a miracle," said wife, Aleda Morgan.
"He's in a significant amount of pain right now because of his injuries, but he's going to be fine," she said. "We pray for him every day."
Morgan, a transit supervisor, was overseeing a switch replacement near the intersection of Roosevelt Ave. and 114thSt. when he fell, MTA officials said.
With a yell, he toppled through a path next to the tracks and plummeted to the street below.
He landed on his side, and his head bounced on the hard street, witnesses told rescue workers.
Some of his fellow track workers stabilized him until paramedics arrived. Morgan, a father of two, was alert and conscious when he was loaded into an ambulance, FDNY officials said.
He suffered a fractured elbow, a broken ankle and a gash to his head, his wife said.
Morgan is normally based in the Bronx. Two of his brothers also work for the MTA, officials said.
His family and several co-workers piled into his hospital room to send good wishes to the well-liked veteran supervisor.
The cause of the fall was not immediately known. The incident is under investigation, officials said.
The incident did not disrupt train service. The Flushing-bound No. 7 train was already skipping the nearby 111th St. station this weekend as part of scheduled maintenance work.