Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alpha Dog of the Week - Harold Ford Jr. - ColbertNation.com

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Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert named former Tennessee congressman and likely New York Senate candidate Harold Ford, Jr. his 'Alpha Dog of The Week,' saying Ford 'has the musky sack to change not only his address but also his political views.'

Citing his changing positions on abortion and same-sex marriage, Colbert complimented Ford on performing his political transformation on the biggest stage possible:

A lot of politicians flip-flop on the issues. What really puts Harold Ford at the head of the butt-sniffing chain is that he's not pulling this reversal in Clustermunch, Iowa... He's doing this in New York City, media capital of the world, where they keep all those little bits of tape that have recordings of what you said and did. Hell, there's a whole newspaper page dedicated to everything famous people do. Get a little huffy with the maƮtre d' at Per Se tonight and by this time tomorrow they're picking bits of you out of Cindy Adams' stool!

Colbert concluded, "So, for lifting your leg on New Yorkers and telling us it's just egg cream, you sir, are my Alpha Dog of The Week."