Tuesday, January 12, 2010

State Senator Joe Addabbo's First Free Electronics Recycling Day Picks Up Over 6 Tons..!

Photo caption, Two Men with a Truckload – L-R: Senator Addabbo with e-Green’s outgoing Director of Operations & Compliance, Arthur Clarke.

NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.,
today announced that almost 6 1/4 tons of electronics, or e-waste, were collected for recycling at his first Free Electronics Recycling Day held on Saturday, January 9, at his Howard Beach district office. Some 140 participants showed up with their old, unwanted (or broken) electronics after the holidays, when many received new, replacement computers, cameras, cell phones, PDAs, printers, televisions and telephones. According to Fred J. Dufek, President/CEO and Managing Director of Long Island-based event partner e-Green Management, LLC, their two large trucks with a four-man collection team were parked outside the Senator’s office that day and picked up so many items, Dufek called the effort “truly outstanding, one of their top collection events.” He commended the Senator and his staff for “a tremendous job informing the public. It was something for Queens to be proud of…these products otherwise would be in our landfills, creating the worst health results for all.”

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Senator’s headquarters on 102nd Street bustled with traffic as people pulled up with cars and vans full of items, some traveling from distant Brooklyn and Long Island, with most coming from Queens. The e-Green staff loaded up an astonishing 12,434 pounds of e-waste for responsible recycling, including 71 TVs, 68 computers, in addition to printers, keyboards, fax machines, cell phones, cable wiring and a dozen car batteries. Some people even dropped off television consoles in wood cabinets, which had been sitting in basements for as many as 15 years, just waiting for a chance to unload them.

Photo caption, Group Photo L-R: Arthur Clarke, former e-Green Director of Operations & Compliance, working on his last day before moving to North Carolina; Senator Joe Addabbo; Larry Lambert, current e-Green Director of Operations & Compliance; completing the e-Green collection team are Johnny Mendoza and Dustin DeSalvo.

"We had a steady stream of people coming through all day," said Peter DeLucia, event organizer on the Senator’s staff. "I think we should plan to have another event later this year, maybe in September, to give people a head-start on fall clean-out projects."

About e-Green Management, LLC

With more and more laws being passed to make it the responsibility of businesses and residents to properly dispose of their electronic waste, e-Green Management, LLC is the solution to properly dispose of electronic waste, which represents one of the fastest growing and most hazardous components of New York’s waste stream. Electronic waste contains toxic substances and the improper disposal of these items poses a threat to human health and environment, along with diminishing the life span of our landfills. For more information on e-Green Management, LLC, contact Fred J. Dufek, President/CEO, Managing Director, at f.dufek@egreenmgmt.com; Jennifer Perry, Assistant Director of Marketing & Business Development, at j.perry@egreenmgmt.com; or call 631-277-4283 to schedule an electronic waste pick-up.

If you would like to be notified later this year of the next free electronics recycling event at Senator Addabbo’s district office, please contact 718-738-1111.