Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bloomberg Snubs Students by Elizabeth Benjamin - NY Daily News - Daily Politics Blog...

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You have to admit that Mayor Bloomberg is consistent, he's as rude and arrogant to 12 year old New York City public school students as he is to their parents and the voters of New York City...
A group of students received a lesson in government responsiveness today Mayor Bloomberg whisked by them on the steps of City Hall while they protested a plan to relocate their school, the DN's Kate Lucadamo reports.

Despite their cries, Bloomberg didn’t stop. His bodyguards surrounded him so the Clinton School for Writers and Artists students couldn’t hand him a letter, parents said.

Undeterred, members of the group chased him and yelled, but he quickly got in his car and disappeared.

“When I saw him pass by I thought he might stop,” said 12-year-old Miranda Rowe who was holding a letter. “I didn’t think he would just not accept it.”

“I was surprised he didn’t do anything, that he just walked away,” she said. “I thought they’d actually listen because we took the time to come out here and protest.”

Miranda’s mother said she was “shocked.”

A spokesman for the mayor confirmed the incident, saying: “The Mayor did not stop. Some of the students ran towards the car on his way out.”