Thursday, June 21, 2007 Police Involved Shooting in Queens - One Man and an Officer Injured by Lucy Yang...

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Nearly 24-hours later, the investigation into a police-involved shooting in Queens continues. Witnesses say officers called to the scene by neighbors--fired at least 20 shots at a man brandishing a weapon.

It happened in the Rosedale section. That's where Eyewitness News reporter Lucy Yang has the latest.

The Queens investigation unit is now looking into Saturday night's police shooting, which left one lieutenant injured from friendly fire and one local resident in critical condition.

Police were still bringing evidence out of Hook Creek Boulevard home in Rosedale Sunday night.

Officials say the man who lived here identified as 49-year-old Armando Dominguez. He is in the hospital in critical but stable condition after a police shooting Saturday night.

It happened around 9 p.m. There were calls of a man walking around the block with a gun in hand.

Police responded and found Dominguez not far from his home at 137th Avenue and 246th Street.

That is when many shots were fired, according to witnesses.

"He was waving with the gun. I heard an officer saying, "Sir, can you please put the gun down. Drop the gun, sir. Please put the gun down. Drop the gun." And he didn't," said the man's next-door neighbor. "And it started getting intense."

Police have still not released how many bullets went flying through the air, but they do confirm a lieutenant was grazed in the shoulder by friendly fire.

The lieutenant was treated and released at nearby hospital while Dominguez left fighting for his life, rushed to Jamaica Hospital in critical condition.

Neighbors say Dominguez was known to drink too much, but usually didn't bother others, until last night when he was spotted with a weapon which turned out to be a bee-bee gun.

"I saw two cops. They were parked across the street from the house over there. The two cops they were shooting at the suspect inside of the bushes.

One neighbor told Eyewitness News when she asked him what he was doing with the gun, he ordered her back into her home.

There is no word yet from police, if he actually opened fire with his bee-bee gun before the police opened fire on him.