Saturday, June 30, 2007

Audubon Press Release: Common Birds In Decline Press Room...

The following are the 20 common North American birds with the greatest population declines since 1967. Click on the thumbnail to view and download a high resolution, printable image. Photos may be published in connection with coverage of Common Birds in Decline and must be accompanied by the photographer's name. Click on the species name to link to its profile, or click on the audio link to download its bird call. All sounds must be credited to Lang Elliot, Nature Sound Studios. Broadcast-quality b-roll of several species may also be downloaded from

Please Note:

Images may not load directly into your browser. If not, download by 'right-clicking' link and select 'save target as' or 'save image as', or 'save link as' (mac users) to save to your computer first. You may then view the image with whatever photo-viewing software you currently use on your computer.

Bird Photographer Audio
#1 Northern Bobwhite Ashok Khosla Audio link
#2 Evening Grosbeak Dave Menke, FWS Audio link
#3 Northern Pintail Howard B. Eskin Audio link
#4 Greater Scaup Donna Dewhurst, FWS Audio link
#5 Boreal Chickadee Jeremy Yancey Audio link
#6 Eastern Meadowlark Laura Erickson Audio link
#7 Common Tern Glen Tepke Audio link
#8 Loggerhead Shrike Gary Stolz, FWS Audio link
#9 Field Sparrow Howard B. Eskin Audio link
#10 Grasshopper Sparrow Laura Erickson Audio link
#11 Snow Bunting Donna Dewhurst, FWS Audio link
#12 Black-throated Sparrow Brad Fiero Audio link
#13 Lark Sparrow Glen Tepke Audio link
#14 Common Grackle Howard B. Eskin Audio link
#15 American Bittern Gary Zahm, FWS Audio link
#16 Rufous Hummingbird Howard B. Eskin Audio link
#17 Whip-poor-will John Cassady Audio link
#18 Horned Lark George Jameson Audio link
#19 Little Blue Heron Laura Erickson Audio link
#20 Ruffed Grouse Laura Erickson Audio link