Monday, June 25, 2007

Education Advocates: Senate Passes Head Start Reauthorization...

The Senate passed its version of the Head Start reauthorization that the House of Representatives passed in May. The Senate bill would authorize increased funding to expand the Head Start program and would authorize $7.3 billion in fiscal year 2008, $400 million more than was provided for fiscal year 2007. In addition, the bill calls for funding to grow to $7.5 billion in fiscal 2009 and $7.9 billion in fiscal 2010. The Senate bill also would more broadly expand Head Start eligibility and would reconfigure the program to give Head Start officials a larger role.

In May, ASCD sent letters to both the Senate and the House voicing our support for Head Start reauthorization. The next step is for members of both chambers to meet in Conference Committee to agree upon a single bill.

ASCD supports this legislation because we believe that Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide for the educational, physical, emotional, and safety needs of the children involved in these programs, thus serving the whole child and families. These are the necessary components to ensure our children are prepared to succeed when they begin school -- one of ASCD’s highest priorities.