Saturday, May 22, 2010

Are You Ready For a New NY? Andrew Cuomo Announces His Run For Governor of the State of New York - Cuomo 2010

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The Plan from Andrew Cuomo on Vimeo. Video length: 21:21

Check out some highlights from Andrew’s Announcement Video:

On his mission:
"Every single day for the past three years, I've gone to work with one mission: to represent the people. Period. To fight for you, no matter how powerful the foe, no matter how long the odds."

On his campaign:
"My campaign is this simple: I represent the people of the great State of New York and we want our government back."

"I want to generate a positive dialogue and a unifying approach. I don't wage a campaign against anyone or against anything, but rather, a campaign for something: for competence, for integrity, for reform and for the people."

On reform in Albany:
“New York State is upside down and backwards; high taxes and low performance. The New York State government was at one time a national model. Now, unfortunately, it's a national disgrace. Sometimes, the corruption in Albany could even make Boss Tweed blush.”

On taxes:
"Raising taxes is not an option -- Period. Sometimes the answer is just 'no.'"

On his approach:
"As I hope you have seen, I don't run from a problem. I run at it."

"I know how to manage. I know how to bring people together. And I know the people of this great State."

"The time for baby steps is over. We must make New York State the economic capital of the world again."