Saturday, May 22, 2010

UFT Ad: Stop Education Cuts by Celeste Katz - Daily Politics - NY Daily News

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Video length: 33 seconds

The United Federation of Teachers is launching a television ad campaign tomorrow, urging Albany and the city to "protect students, parents and teachers from devastating cuts to education."

The 30-second spot produced by produced by Shorr, Johnson and Magnus Strategic Media runs from Saturday to next Friday on network and cable stations in the metro area.

"The ad asks parents, teachers and community members to call, write and e-mail their legislators to urge them to protect after-school programs, save schools from teacher layoffs and urges the 'blame the teacher crowd and the Wall Street Hedge Funds behind them' to stop playing politics with New York's children," a UFT release said.

This ad appears to be a war on two fronts: One, to get $1.4 million in budget cuts restored, and two, an answer to the many anti-union ads being aired by pro-charter-school Education Reform Now.

Fade up on shot of school building. Snap zoom in through front door to school interior. Kids enter classroom. Chalkboard graphic fades up as SUPER: Class sizes up

Mix in shot of student being tutored. SUPER: After-school programs GONE

Mix in shot of empty teacher's desk. SUPER: Teacher layoffs.

Transition to TV graphic with clip of ERN ad. Footage of stock market LED ticker runs in background. SUPER: Anti-Teacher TV Ad.

Fade up: Paid for by Wall Street Hedge Funds

White transition through to shot of teacher working with students at desks. Cut to shot of another teacher with student at front of class. Cut to shot of three students outside school.

Then, cut to a student in library. Cut to teacher calling on students. Cut to student reading.

Cut to shot of overcrowded classroom. Scene blurs as SUPERS fade on:

Tell our Leaders in Albany and New York City

STOP the Cuts

SAVE our Schools.

UFT Logo, Michael Mulgrew, President

Paid for by United Federation of Teachers