Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before and After Photos from CURES - Good News, so far...

Before and After Photos

Wednesday, March 9th

Today was the beginning of what Glendale has been longing for, the start of some permanent change along the rail corridor. Parks Dept was on the scene pruning and initiating what needs to be done to make the area look presentable.

CURES (Civics United for Railroad Environmental Solutions) and FOCA (Farmers Oval Civic Association) are recipients of the  LOVE MY BLOCK grant  from the Citizens Committee of NYC. This grant is accompanied with the service of the NYC Dept of Sanitation, NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation, and Dept of Transportation. In addition they have also received  the Keep America Beautiful Grant.  CURES selected to beautify and revitalize  the areas along Shaler Ave from Cypress Hills Street to Catalpa Ave (Mafera Park). Master Gardner Harry Muller will be the lead on this project designing and implementing the planting and landscaping. The project will take place in three phases with the help of CURES leaders comprised of 14 civics, Waste Management, Inc and New York and Atlantic Railroad company. 

Phase 1  Saturday April 9 10am  there will be a clean up of the area.
Phase 2 Saturday April 30 with the planting and seeding.
Phase 3. Celebration and last minute touch ups.  

If you would like to volunteer please contact Mary Parisen 718 772 6563
Laura Zimmmer 718 812-0519 or Dieter Vey 718 386-1216.