Tuesday, March 29, 2011

News From Assembly Member Mike Miller (38th Assembly District)

Assemblyman Helps Raise Pennies for Patients

Assemblyman Miller (D-Queens) joined PS 239 in Ridgewood for their “Pennies for Patients” initiative. The program encourages students to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. PS 239 has participated in this fund-raiser every year since 2004 and has raised over $1,000 every year.

I am glad that in PS 239 we have a school dedicated to civic responsibility” Assemblyman Miller said. “It really is impressive what these students are capable of doing and I wanted to ensure they were properly congratulated.”

Pictured Left to Right: Principal Robin Connolly, Kate Gordon representing the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Assemblyman Mike Miller, Robert Monahan, and Parent Coordinator Gloria Morgenstern.

Assemblyman Miller: Sales Tax Exemption a Welcome Relief for Consumers, Businesses

As the state grapples with passing a difficult, on-time budget, one marked by painful cuts to close a $10 billion budget gap, cash-strapped families and clothing retailers will get needed relief. Beginning April 1, clothing, footwear and related items sold for less than $55 each will be exempt from the state’s 4 percent sales tax, as well as the 0.375 percent sales tax for the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District.

The tax-free status applies to all relevant items purchased on or after the April 1 start date, whether they’re paid for in person, over the Internet, by phone or by mail. The exemption, which was set in motion last year to help taxpayers, will grow to include apparel costing less than $110 on April 1, 2012.

And the relief can’t come soon enough for our working families, who have struggled to keep afloat amid a down economy and a rising cost of living. The sales tax cut – which will save a family of four an estimated $90-$100 per year – will give those hardest hit by the regressive levy a much-needed break, helping them to better afford vital clothing and footwear.

The exemption will re-energize our economy and keep more dollars in taxpayers’ pockets at a time when it’s most critical. While this is sure to be a help for New York, particularly our communities that border New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we have more work to do if we’re to put the state back on the road to prosperity. That’s why I’ll continue exploring ways to ease the burden on hardworking taxpayers and clear a path for businesses to flourish.

For more information on the sales tax exemption, visit the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance’s website at www.tax.ny.gov.

Assemblyman Miller Holds Essay Contest for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Queens) put a challenge out to local school children, asking them to write an essay about influential women in history. Essay submissions included a wide spectrum of influential women, including Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. 

Winners were presented with official citations from the Assemblyman congratulating them on their work. Schools that submitted essays included PS 108, PS 97, PS 91, PS 113, IS 77, Saint Pancras, Saint Mary Gate of Heaven, and Sacred Heart Academy.

Picture Caption, AM Miller with Saint Mary Gate of Heaven: Assemblyman Miller stands with faculty and students from Saint Mary Gate of Heaven in Ozone Park, who participated in the Women’s History Month Essay Contest.
Picture Caption, AM Miller with Saint Pancras: Assemblyman Miller stands with faculty and students from Saint Pancras in Glendale, who participated in the Women’s History Month Essay Contest.

Advisory: Miller Announces Staff Change

Assemblyman Michael Miller (D-Queens) announced today his appointment of Nicholas Roloson as his new Chief of Staff.

Nicholas previously served as Director of Communications for Assemblyman Miller as well as campaign manager for the Assemblyman’s re-election campaign. Both roles have provided him with a deep understanding and appreciation of Assembly District 38

“Nick is young and extremely capable” Assemblyman Miller said. “He has proven through hard work and dedication that he both cares about our community and has the know-how to serve us well."

In addition to his work in government, Nicholas currently serves as president of the College Democrats of New York, which includes over 30 chapters in every region of New York State.

Assemblyman Miller Calls for Cooperation in Sex Offender Case

In response to a request from police to help identify any additional potential victims of accused child molester David Hartshorn, Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Queens) called upon Hartshorn's former employer, ex-Assembly candidate Joe Fox, to begin assisting in the investigation. Hartshorn had served as Fox's campaign manager, and had brought children to campaign events with Fox.

Miller said that Fox should immediately provide police with a list of all children brought to campaign events by Hartshorn, so they can be interviewed by police and counselors to ensure that they were not also victims of abuse, and receive proper counseling if needed.

Since I was elected to the Assembly, I have made it a priority of mine to protect our children from the dangers of sexual predators. “Miller said. “I am asking that Mr. Fox cooperate with the police in this matter to ensure that all victims receive proper treatment, and that justice is served. We must ensure the protection of our children.”

Statement from Assemblyman Miller Regarding Census Count

The 38th Assembly District is full of immigrants from the Caribbean, European, South Asian and Latin American communities. I find it to be an outrageous claim that the population of our entire borough has only increased by a thousand people when I have seen that level of growth just in my district alone. I stand with the Mayor in his call to revisit these numbers to ensure that immigrant communities receive the adequate level of services they deserve.