Friday, March 18, 2011

Wal-mart’s History of Hypocrisy...

Wal-mart is continuing to bombard New Yorkers’ mailboxes with slick mail promising union-built stores and above-average wages. To secure City Council zoning approval, Wal-mart made the exact same promises in Chicago.
  • Fact #1: In June 2010, Wal-mart promised Chicago union-built stores and above-average wages
  • Fact #2: Once Wal-mart secured zoning approval, it reneged on its wage promise (June 2010), and lobbied to kill its labor agreement (Feb 2011)

Why this matters: Walmart is promising a lot in its glitzy PR blitz - New Yorkers need to know its history of hypocrisy before allowing the big-box retailer into the five boroughs.