Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DiNapoli Campaign Releases Its First TV Commercial...

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli announced on Monday morning that his campaign had released its first television commercial of the 2010 electoral season.

The 30-second commercial will be seen on cable stations throughout downstate New York beginning Monday.

The ad focuses on Tom DiNapoli's strong record of saving taxpayers' money, cleaning up the pension fund and turning it into a nationally-recognized leader for pension fund management. Comptroller DiNapoli's record is in stark contrast with Republican and Conservative candidate Harry Wilson, who plans to bring the same Wall Street values that wrecked our economy to the management of the pension fund.

"In three years, Tom DiNapoli has taken a pension fund that had been racked by scandal and made it into a national leader. He’s been the Comptroller for middle class New Yorkers, exposing billions in government waste. And he’s been the clearest voice warning of the need to rein in Albany’s abusive spending habits," said Mark Benoit, DiNapoli 2010 Campaign Manager.

"Our opponent, Harry Wilson, wants to be the Comptroller for his Wall Street buddies, playing the same risky games that made him millions while bringing our economy to its knees. He’s now using his ill-gotten profits to tell voters that he should be in charge of the retirement security of over one million working New Yorkers. This commercial shows taxpayers the real Harry Wilson, and makes it abundantly clear who the people of New York can trust in this race, and that’s Tom DiNapoli."