Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NYPD Chopper Makes Emergency Landing By Brooklyn Field - & NY Daily News

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A New York City Police Department helicopter needed to make an emergency landing by Floyd Bennett Field in Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn this afternoon.

Officials say all five people aboard are now safe.
Some aboard the chopper received minor injuries and were taken to hospitals for observation, according to police.
It is still not clear why the pilot had to set the helicopter down on the water.
The Coast Guard and the New York City Fire Department are also on the scene.

NYPD helicopter made an emergency landing Wednesday near the department's aviation base in Brooklyn.
It was not clear what caused the aircraft to suddenly go down, but it appeared to land in Jamaica Bay near Floyd Bennett Field just before 4 p.m., FDNY officials said.
Five police officers were inside the chopper when it landed. There were no serious injuries.
In August of 2009, one of the helicopters in the NYPD fleet made two emergency landings in a three-day span. The first happened at a soccer field in Maspeth, Queens. The second happened in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.
Both incidents were attributed to a faulty indicator light in the chopper's control panel.