Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St. Albans VA Hospital - Save this VA Hospital from Demolition - Watch the Video and Sign the Petition..!


Please help save St Albans VA Hospital in Queens, NY for our Vets. Sign Petition...

"Protect Saint Albans" is a coalition of individuals/organizations who have joined forces to stop the development of non-veterans housing on the VA's St. Albans Primary and Extended Care Campus (St. Albans VA Campus).

Recently, much of St. Albans was successfully "downzoned" in a larger St. Albans - Hollis rezoning effort led by New York City's Department of City Planning. (Click here for a link to the rezoning document.)
That downzoning effort was undertaken to discourage population growth in two neighborhoods whose infrastructure -- schools, parks, utilities, transportation, and otherwise -- is already overburdened.

Supporting the development of non-veterans housing on the VA's St. Albans campus would only work against the gains made by the neighborhood's recent downzoning.
Our Mission
The mission of "Protect Saint Albans", is to stop the development of non-veterans housing on the VA's St. Albans campus.

"Protect Saint Albans" would prefer that any acreage deemed not necessary to meet the ongoing needs of veterans, be permanently converted back to park land. Prior to construction of The Naval Hospital in 1950, the grounds were occupied by the St. Albans Golf Club and Community Center.

While attending the Queens Civic Congress at the Al Oerter Sports Center, Addisleigh Park Civic Association President Renee Hill spoke passionately about this important issue for veterans and the community at large. 

She and her group, the United Coalition for Veterans and Community RIghts (UCVCR) are planning to continue their hard-fought fight for the veterans at the St. Albans facility and we hope anyone who can help will do so.

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The demolition of our St. Albans VA Hospital is NOT a done deal. We Can STOP this EUL process NOW. Call your Congressional representative NOW regarding this Private Developer grabbing VA land through the VA's EUL program.