Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloomberg Pressing For Fingerprints On Social Security Cards by: Erin Billups - NY1.com

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h/t to Javier Castano at QueensLatino.com for alerting me to this situation by King Mike...

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says putting fingerprints on social security cards would help control the nation's borders, and give employers a way to check whether potential hires are legal citizens.
"The companies could just run it through a computer," Bloomberg said Friday morning on his weekly radio show. “And if you're an undocumented illegal, they just don't give you the job. And you're not going to come here if you cant get a job."
The mayor's remarks come on the heels of his trip to Washington on Tuesday, where he took part in a discussion on immigration policy with President Obama and other politicians.
Photo from QueensLatino.com
Advocates for immigrants rights say they're surprised Bloomberg is making this proposal.
"This is a plan that's ill advised and should not be pursued and is incompatible with some of the values that the mayor claims to be important to him," said Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union.
Things like preventing the marginalization of the immigrant community.
"When we add a layer of documentation in order for people to do basic activities there are people that are vulnerable ... for whom this just means they are pushed to the outskirts," Lieberman said.
One company of Bloomberg makes a device for checking fingerprints. If your proposal is approved, will increase his fortune, at the expense of undocumented migrants. Go Bloomberg ... Yes, we can!
Critics of Bloomberg's proposal say putting fingerprints on social security cards would not only be a burden for immigrants, but an imposition on all Americans.
"Once you open the door to such government intrusion what you're doing is you're allowing the Government to collect all sorts of information and we have questions about what this will mean for the future," said Jacki Eposito of the New York Immigration Coalition.
The idea of putting fingerprints on social security cards has been floated by other elected officials, including Sen. Charles Schumer.