Monday, April 25, 2011

Same-Sex Advocates Canvas In Addabbo's District -

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 Gay rights advocates gathered in Queens on Saturday to pressure state lawmakers into approving same-sex marriage in New York State.

Members of New Yorkers United for Marriage canvassed Democratic State Senator Joseph Addabbo's district in Middle Village, getting signatures to send to Albany.

Addabbo is considered to be a crucial swing vote for same-sex marriage, and he voted against the issue in 2009.

Advocates said they are turning up the heat to get same-sex marriage legalized.

"New Yorkers all across are really speaking up and telling their senators that support is strong," said one canvasser.

"This is democracy in action. This is what needs to happen to change minds of political figures who don't perhaps have the courage to come out and do what's right," said another.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a vocal supporter of legalizing same-sex marriage in New York.

The state already recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other states and does allow gay couples to enter into domestic partnerships.