Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Community News & Notes from Assembly Member Mike Miller (District 38)

Assemblyman Miller Honors Richmond Hill Peer Tutors

Pictured are (from left): Arunan Naahanathan, Assemblyman Miller, Mr. Robert Whalen, Natasha Moses, Chante Sherwood, Janagan Naahanathan, Daisy Tenecela, and Ivan Gamba

Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Queens) met with students from Richmond Hill High School who serve as peer tutors for their fellow students struggling in Mathematics. The Assemblyman presented the students with Certificates of Merit for their service to their community.

Assemblyman Miller Announces Collegiate Scholarship Program

Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Queens) announced today that the New York Conference of Italian-America Legislators is now accepting applications for four $1,500 scholarships to be awarded in June at their Annual Conference Weekend. Scholarship winners must be present to receive their awards.

Given the high costs of college, every opportunity must be given to local students and their working families to meet their required expenses.” Assemblyman Miller said. “I highly recommend that students from Assembly District 38 apply to the Conference for these scholarships so that they may hopefully secure as much extra help with their expenses as possible.”

This year the Italian-American State Legislators Conference will be awarding four $1,500 scholarships to four current or future college students from New York State. Eligibility will be based upon the student’s grade point average, athletic involvement, interest in pursuing a higher education, involvement in the local community as well as individual financial need. The applicants must live in the 38thAssembly District, which includes parts of Glendale, Ridgewood, Woodhaven, Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, and Richmond Hill. 

Applicants must have demonstrated a grade point average of 85 and over, have good conduct and demonstrate the dedication to pursue and complete a higher education degree, have demonstrated community service and involvement in extracurricular activities, and can demonstrate financial aid. All requests must be submitted to Assemblyman Miller no later than April 19th, 2011.

For more information regarding the scholarship, please contact Assemblyman Mike Miller’s District Office at 718-805-0950.

Miller: Assembly Passes Pay Equity Legislative Package - Measures Would End Unfair Wage Gaps

Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Queens) announced the Assembly passed a package of bills designed to end wage discrimination throughout the state. The legislation is accompanied by a resolution proclaiming April 12, 2011, as Equal Pay Day in New York State (K.365).

In this day and age, it’s unacceptable that some New Yorkers still aren’t earning equal pay for equal work,” Miller said. “That’s why the Assembly passed a package of bills – and has done so for over a decade – that aims to rid our state of this shameful problem.”

The legislative package passed by the Assembly would make it easier to enforce equal-pay policies and create a statewide comparable-salary policy. The bills would:
  • Make it a discriminatory practice to compensate employees of different sexes differently for work that is of comparable worth (A.3690);
  • Enact the New York State Fair Pay Act to address and enforce pay equity, including broadening equivalent job definitions, specifying methods to determine equivalent skill, making it unlawful for an employer to discriminate between employees on the basis of sex, race or national origin and ensuring traditional and minority jobs are not undervalued (A.6130);
  • Make it a discriminatory practice for public employers to compensate employees of different sexes differently for work that is of comparable worth (A.6448); and
  • Establish a statewide policy of equal pay for both sexes and comparability of value of work and ensure corrective action (A.1780).
It’s inexcusable for New York – a state that historically has set the standards in equality leadership – to not have policies in place that grant equal pay for equal work,” Miller said. “It’s plain and simple: Wages should be based on skill, effort and experience. Ending the antiquated and unreasonable wage gap is a responsibility New York must take seriously.”